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Can u help me with improving my gig?

Hello, Im a newbie here and I’m worried about my gig. Can u look at it and say what will be better to improve to reach more customers?


Hy Just check your gig.

How to create a gig?

First, check the keyword you are going to create the gig.
You have to search in the Fiverr search for your services and check which keyword will give you more sales. and now your question can I check?

You search your topic right after that check first page is other people have a good number of reviews in the gig and also check first 3 line gig are they order in their queue if yes then this keyword people getting a sale.

Now you have to create the gig for this keyword right you have to use the keyword in the title and also check some gig which tags they are using Now use most using tags in your gig right.

after that, You have to write the complete description and format the proper way.
how to create a proper and good description.

you have to search your keyword and check the first few gigs and check how they wrote the description.

I hope this will help you.


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