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Can use two on single Computer with same type of Gig?

i have recently and my wife have Computer science degree.
She want to work on fiverr but we have only one computer so can use same computer with different email addresses but with type of services.
thanks for your time.


You are not allowed to make two accounts offering the same service from your computer.


i have a smartphone can use from there? With same Internet router

You are not allowed to use the same IP address to make 2 accounts offering the same service.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you violate them.


Members of the same household are often allowed to have Fiverr accounts, but only if they notify Customer Support in advance and get their permission, and only if their services are different and they never interact with each other on the site.

If your wife opens her own account and offers the same (or similar) services that you do, it will look like one person with multiple accounts, and both you and your wife will get banned.

If you wish, you can contact Customer Support and ask them for help and guidance, but most likely, they’ll tell you that it’s not allowed.


Thanks for guidance i will post request to fiverr and hope for best

Since both your wife and yourself will be offering the same type of work you could be a team and share the account. I think that is what I have seen other couple’s do. :thinking:


That’s a great solution Miss Vickie. No reason to have two accounts in a home doing the same things. One is enough.

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No brother you cannot use the same computer with two fiverr accounts. although you can use it only in the case if both of you are offering different type of services on fiverr. Hope this helps you.