Can using fake picture earn you a ban?


I see many accounts with flashy female American picture while their countries is middle-Asia. can this earn them ban?


Yes. It’s against ToS. You should read them once in a while.


I really hope that Fiverr will make it harder for people to violate any form of copyright and portrait right infringement.
If Fiverr keeps looking away when it happens it will backfire on them one day and it will hit harder than the Amazon case.

I don’t sell anything in the creative field on Fiverr, but outside of Fiverr I’m a content creator and I’m very keen on the rights of fellow creators and my own.

Not living in country that obeys these right shouldn’t be an apology to do it. Most parts of the Western world agreed on the terms stated on and this should be the standard on this and other platforms as well.


You can’t use name/usernames here. It is against forum rules. If you have faced any problem from this user, Please write it to CS.


Yeah whats CS and why are they so hard to find.


Here you go:


Spamming the forum is only going to get you banned.

Contact CS, report the user so he gets whats coming to him. :slight_smile:


They aren’t. Here you go

I just did a little research and observed that you never bought anything from her.
At least last 10 months. :rolling_eyes:


I’m from Japan and my profile pic is a sort of ominous looking black guy. What, A BLACK MAN CAN’T BE FROM JAPAN?! just kidding :wink: Seriously, I’m from Japan. I’m Blackanese :blush:


@memasan I think you actually bring up a very important point. It’s not about a picture appearing to be someone from another country, there is no way to tell that. Obviously people move to live all over the world and may not look like the local people, and there are people born in countries that don’t look like the average person in their own country.

The issue is when people use obvious stock photos that you can find in a reverse search and the build an entirely fake persona to try to fool buyers. Many of them will also put universities they haven’t been to, other copied pictures for gig images and other false data.


Yes, I’ve seen sections on certain websites that shall remain nameless, dedicated to creating false profiles. In my case it’s pretty damn easy - by design - to find out if I’m full of it.

I am a node of Server,
Born of flesh and blood,
But enhanced by the power of it’s web,
My scripts are a focus of my will,
My strength is my knowledge,
My weapons are my skills,
Information is the blood of my body,
I am part of the greater network,
I am host to the vast data of server,
My flesh is weak,
But my connection is eternal,
And therefore I am god.

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I know it’s looked down upon lol. I saw some dude use a picture of Anna Nicole Smith from Nigeria selling writing articles with bad english, so anything is possible here lol


I was once told female pictures get more sales. Don’t know the reality


I suspect a lot of people believe that because they read it in some book or blog that is outdated. I think it’s also a myth. I’m sure some services might sell better with a female profile due to sterotypes, so perhaps gigs for recipes, being your fake Facebook girlfriend or women’s fiction writers would sell better with a female picture.

A lot of men and women tend to overlook women for Web and other IT services and those are strong categories on Fiverr. They say that sex sells and that’s where the “beautiful busty blonde” picture might occasionally grab the attention of a buyer. Even the buyer is going to realize the picture is fake if it looks like a magazine pic or if it doesn’t match the profile. So, the pretty girl might get a look from a buyer but I think they’ll buy from the person with the best price, reviews and sample work.