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Can 'Video & Animation' gigs have images as live portfolio

Hello, forum.
I have an order for one of my gigs in Video & Animation > Logo Animation category.
Today is its delivery. I want to get a live portfolio image for this gig, as this is the first sale of this gig.
But the problem is that according to buyer needs, it will be delivered in .zip/.rar format instead of video format. So I am thinking to add a screenshot with the delivery.
Can the buyer attach that photo with the review? Or do I need to add a video only for it?
I don’t usually do logo animation as this is not my main niche, so I don’t know it yet.
Thank you.


You could technically add an image but it’s up to the buyer to select it and check on the switch that enables it for live portfolio.

You can’t force them to do so and if they asked for a zip file, you adding an image file may lead to confusion if they don’t know how Fiverr deliveries work.


Thank you for your prompt reply.
Yes I understand that I shouldn’t force buyers for leaving a review. And I think I will have to carefully write delivery description so no confusion happens.
Thank you.

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Instead of sending an image, you could also send a compressed version of the video that fits under the 1GB file size limit along with the zip/rar files, so that IF the buyer is okay with and accepts their order being displayed on your gig page, you will have a video shown instead of just a still image.


You can always add a video/animation when you deliver, fiverr suggests you to add it to the gig. so everyone else can see it.

This is a pro tip


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