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Can video game trailers be used as a sample in your gig's video?

So I was about to post my gigs sample videos when fortunately I read a note saying that I cannot use copyrighted content in my video or else I will get banned. I was wondering If I could use Assassin’s creed Valhalla’s trailer in my sample.
Is it legal and in other words okay or should I come up with something else?

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Check this out:

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Ubisoft says that we need to be creative and not just duplicate their trailers.
I have used visual effects on for it and I am sending them an email to ask whether if I use another audio file other than their own, will the copyright claim be lifted?
Let me know what you think about this.

If you are not the copyright holder then of course you can’t use it.

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That really sounds very bad because I wanted to use a lot of sequences and trailers for my videos but there are a lot of rule and my ideas and imagination are becoming dead.