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Can we advertise our service on LinkedIn?

Out of curiosity, are we allowed to advertised our service on LinkedIn?


Sure, you can. I also promote my services on LinkedIn so, I don’t see anything wrong with that.


Feels like it’s a problem of double standards. I have been told that we cannot communicate outside Fiverr or asked for LinkedIn profile of potential buyers for proof of legitimate intent, not scams, but we can advertise our work on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Advertising your services on social media is allowed on fiverr but when a one of your connections on (LinkedIn) decides to order your services through the link you’ve share in your advert on LinkedIn, then all communication should be continued only on fiverr that’s it.

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I advertised mine this week. More views but zero order. Being a freelancer is tough.

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Yes 100% you can do this and allowed, Linkedln is best place to promote your services

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Yes though. But when you start getting more orders you might start thinking of limiting your orders on queue. It takes time and patience. First make your services known and orders will be on their way.

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Thank you for your response. I am going to promote my work on LinkedIn as many times as possible.

Excellent tip. At the moment, it is not an issue as I am having a zero order!

Of-course, you can share you gig on Linkedin, Linkedin are best place for promotion gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How long did you have to wait before getting your first gig?

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It took me about two months with about 100 offers sent to buyers requests. Although I kept sharing my gig on LinkedIn too.

But I hope you get more order real soon. Because it’s hard to bear a long time to get your first order.

My advice, be active to respond to buyer when they send you a message because there are a lot of sellers out there if you don’t respond quickly, they might find someone else. Except the buyer is luckily interested only in ordering your services.

All the best!

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A lot of sellers sell their work at a rock bottom price. Only those offer unique service will stand out. I cannot afford to retire early in that case.

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How was it when you received your first gig after you advertised it on LinkedIn?