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Can we ask buyers to review us on TrustPilot/Clutch 🤔 ❓👍

Hi guys, I’m a level 2 seller on Fiverr with over 2500+ projects completed since 2016. I have a small digital agency where we do automation, forms, Integrations, and websites; after working 4 years in the industry I’ve realized it’s very important to build my company/business repute on platforms like clutch or Trustpilot; however, I’m not sure whats the right way to do it. Most of my clientage is from Fiverr and it’s against Fiverr TOS to ask clients for review, but can we ask our long term clients to review our business on TrustPilot, I was hoping that Fiverr make me Top seller so I can offer my services with more quantity and not caring about “quantity” as I’m working on a very niche-specific domain with happy clients and quality work, but this doesn’t seem to be happening sooner from what I’ve discussed with fiverr support, I find no clue of what I should improve except: “keep doing good work!” for sure its time to get some direct contracts from google search engine and for that, it’s important we as digital businesses can get reviews on sites like clutch or Trustpilot.

Please share your suggestions on what’s the right way of getting Trustpilot reviews, is this a TOS violation or not!

Any help here will be appreciated.


i have many time read here, to put a reviews as a buyer choice and some buyer is taken out source of their work , and they don’t like to show their work.

any way , asking for review is not violation of TOS (except 5 star) , but i think don’t take a risk…


I got your point, its not allowed to ask buyers for review on Fiverr as Fiverr system automatically reminds client to leave a feedback; but here I’m asking for something else, i.e. can we ask our long term clients to review our business on Trustpilot.


According to my knowledge, Fiverr does not support or allowed any seller to say buyer for review or search our personal profile on any other platforms, Trustpilot is a separate platform where you can receive review or customers or can share you experience. you can add (these experiences list like additional pic as a gig) or reviews in your profile just to ensure new clients that you are working, engaging more clients across the globe. but can’t ask for direct review at the same platform because customer support can take it in distracting sense or could also flagged your post or warned you so the last recommendation is to please read relevant article it can help you more precisely or clearly.


You could lose your Fiverr account if you do that.

Think about it: you’d be asking your Fiverr clients to recommend your digital agency (which isn’t owned by Fiverr) on sites like TrustPilot, and therefore promote your outside-of-Fiverr business. So more clients would come directly to your digital agency, and not to Fiverr.

There’s no way Fiverr would allow that.


No. You can’t ask for review.If you do that I think it’s might be problem for your account.

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This makes sense. Thank you

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So, you are just totally ignoring the posts above?

You are not allowed to ask for reviews, either here or by directing them to your Trustpilot. Stop doing it before you get banned. And please stop telling other people that they can do something when you obviously don’t know.


Thank you for letting everyone know that you’re repeatedly breaking the rules.

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