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Can we attach behance account to fiver account

Hello EveryOne!

  1. I am fiver allow us to attach our behance account to fiver acoount…
  2. I am also confused ,when I send buyers offer, can I send my behance account link in the offer…?
    I am waiting for your help?
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Welcome to the Fiverr forum.
Maybe one of these can help solve your question:

Welcome to the forum!

You can link your Behance profile to your Fiverr account, but you can’t actually direct buyers to your Behance profile, as Behance isn’t an approved website.

The same applies to the social platforms. You can link your Fiverr account to your Facebook account, for example, but you can’t direct buyers to your FB page.

hey thanks for your feedback…
Could you please let me know why the Behance button is not clickable?

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There seems to be a bug affecting Behance. That might be why.