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Can we attach two fiverr account with one payoneer card?

I want to ask that can we attach two fiverr accounts with one payoneer card.



I’m sorry, but what’s with all your posts that enumerate various family members? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i want to know that can i attach two payoneer cards with fiverr??

If you mean two cards to one account, no.
If you mean can you have two accounts, no.


I have want to attach one payoneer card and 2nd Fiverr revenue card… but
these both cards on different names… can I attach them they have both
different ownership ?

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No just one payment method per account.

No you can not do this other wise you will lose your account
and it’s Against to the TOS of
to have more than 1 account

Attaching same Payoneer card to two different fiverr accounts means one person is have 2 accounts on fiverr
That is a violation of Fiverr TOS
You cannot do that
Otherwise you’ll loose both your accounts