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Can we avoid a negative feedback/review?

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well.

I’m a new seller, joined the platform this August. Everything is going pretty awesome which exceeded all the expectations, I had.

But recently, I had a not so good experience with a buyer. Actually, a buyer bought my gig package with all the requirements needed (content & logo) for a poster design. I completed the work and delivered it well before the deadline (24 hours). But the buyer didn’t respond and the order got auto-completed.

He dropped a message in my inbox after that time period saying “He was out of town, so he couldn’t check the work and he didn’t like it”. Before I could reply to him and apologize. I got a notification that the buyer left feedback.

Obviously, feedback had to be a negative one, I didn’t respond with the buyer review (I know about the blind review system). The buyer told me that he’ll contact CS to remove the feedback in return for the new and corrected design. I don’t know if that thing is possible or not.

My question is when the feedback will be made public after 10 days, will it be placed at the very top of all the reviews or at the place where it should be at the time of posting?


The buyer cannot remove feedback after the order is completed, any more than you can. Do not allow him to blackmail you.

Send him a new offer if you feel so inclined - I wouldn’t. I’d just block him as “negative experience”.

TOS indicates they can’t cancel because they don’t like the result … particularly, since they couldn’t be bothered to mark it complete.

You’re stuck with the bad review, unfortunately.


It’ll be placed where it should be at the time of posting. Depending on how long it is, it can also go to your Relevant reviews but they also get updated so it’ll go down eventually.

Also, removing the feedback is not possible. They are lying to you to get a new version for free (or are just uninformed about how the site works).


Thanks for understanding what I said.
I know the overall rating on the gig will drop (I calculated, It’ll drop from 5 to 4.7). I know I can’t avoid it nor it can be removed. Just trying the review to be pushed down in the order, I already got 2 perfectly rated reviews after that and I’m getting a new order almost everyday, so i don’t want to spoil the momentum. Review isn’t been public as yet because I didn’t responded with a buyer review. I hope it’ll be placed below those and some upcoming reviews as well.

Buyer is clearly trying to blackmail.

Do not even reply to his message, you risk getting a warning on your account if the CS folks misread your response.

You only have 2 days left to respond to the buyer’s review though.

You need to do some damage control by responding to their review with an honest review on your end. Prospects will read this when trying to decide if you are a risk or not.

Do not bad mouth the client. No one wants to see that and it won’t go well with future buyers.