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Can we become millionaires from fiverr in 1 year?


Is there anyone who is millionaires from fiverr also in just one year? If so then please tell me your story because i need motivation


There is a lady who made a million dollars on Fiverr, but I am not sure how long it took her? :thinking:

If you do a search on google there will be several articles that pop up that talk about those who have made a million dollars on Fiverr.


Let’s imagine you work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, 52 weeks per year (which is a massive working time).

10x6x52 = 3120 hours per year working.

now lets divide 1,000,000 per 3120 = U$ 320

in other words, your hourly wage should be U$ 320.00 (after fiverr cuts) to be able to do 1 million in 1 year.

If I could do this, maybe I would work just 1 day a week :joy:


there is no use if we made a million dollar in 8-10 years anyone can do it.
The main point is time taken here


depends the currency you are talking about


great answer. You made a good point


I am talking about million dollar



a million in 10 years is a very good for anyone working as freelancer.

it would be U$ 100.000 per year. Which is a lot of money.

If you came to fiverr to become a millionaire, I’m sorry to say, but you will have more work to do than the “real world”


Actually i am in $ 800,000 debt so i am searching for the ways to pay this because i am unable to pay the debt due to interest burden


I’m sorry to hear this, but fiverr is competitive like any other marketplace in the world. Maybe even more, because the high density of sellers.

I wish you could manage to find a way to pay your debt, but I will also not deceive you by saying you will make such money so quick.

There are just a couple of sellers (not confirmed) who did a lot of money from fiverr, but they were delivering unique products, that only they can offer, such voice over (everybody can do this, but nobody can do like them).


Here you can find 2 stories, from trusted sources.

As I can see, yes, you can become a millionaire in 1 year, but till you get there, it’s a looooong road.


No, you need a dose of realism.


Please, please, please get a “real” job. There are scenarios of people making $1,000,000+ on Fiverr, but they had tremendous talent, worked their keisters off, and are few and far between. Even making enough to live off on this platform is no small feat and it takes time to work up to that.

You need consistent, dependable income.

This is certainly not the case. Even the average American with a full-time job makes considerably less than this.

Also, how you got into debt is none of my business, but you may need to think just as much about where your money’s going as where it’s coming from.


Becoming a Fiverr millionaire does not happen overnight…You’re not going to find any get-rich-quick scheme on fiverr…


I read a lot of books about Money and I would tell you that freelancing on Fiverr is not the surefire way to true wealth and its not your golden ticket to making a million dollar because your income depends on your time…