Can we boost our GIG by getting favorites? Need correct suggestions


I need this Answer, If you can give proper answer. I will be glad to you. Thanks


Favourites are just like bookmarks. No effects.relation on gig ranking. The only way to improve our gig ranking by providing quality works and by getting good ratings from our buyers.


This question has been answered in depth multiple times. You can use the search option on the forum in order to find answers to your question. Use the magnification glass on the upper right in the menu to do so.


Yes, I know that answers, but you may be noticed, recently in social media that people are saying that we have proved that Favourate is impacting on ranking. So I want to know if there any expert will know proper answer. Thanks anyway.


Stay away from those groups, :wink: Follow the Forum Only.


Like your suggestion. Usually doing that :heart_eyes:


As I just replied this question has been answered in depth multiple times here on the forum.
And no, I don’t follow any people on Social Media who share such a BS.