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Can we cancel a order that was never filled?


I have three clients that place the order but never filled out the requirements so the order never started.

If I asked to cancel the order will that affect my stats?


Yes. They will be marked as a cancellation and negatively affect your seller stats. There are lots of posts regarding this same issue of “incomplete orders”. Long story short, leave them there and maybe send a message to your buyers reminding them of the project.


Yes, like @loganstover, the cool :sunglasses: cat :cat:says leave them. I have read on the forum of sellers who have 20 or more of these. Can you imagine what will happen to your stats if you ask CS to cancel them? :scream:


I actually had one order that went like this, it was still dated around September last year and I kept pressing on the remind buyer button but there was no response from the buyer – ever. Gladly it was just one so I just recently cancelled it. Yes, it does affect stats.


Since it is only 3, I would suggest trying to cancel them slowly while maintaining a balance, unless you can in touch with the buyer. If your stats are good, cancel one of the old orders at a time.

You might be able to just leave the orders “stuck” but some other sellers have tried that and there came a point when Support found the very old orders and canceled them without warning. It’s a risk either way.


I had seven or eight of them. I contacted customer service but they refused to cancel them and said I had to work it out with the buyers. I was worried that it was holding me back from becoming a TRS and also felt bad about the customers having their credit held. I finally contacted each customer and now my statistics are terrible so I have to work my way back up. I’m sad about it but still feel like I did the right thing. If I could do it over though, I’d just do one per sixty days in order to maintain my level.