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Can we change the order of the gigs that show on our profile pages?


I want to be able to re-order the gigs on my page. Is this possible?


Sounds like a good suggestion maybe that is when you get to be a POWERSELLER some unforeseen SPECIAL OPTION




No option available yet but if there is it is nice…

Anyway gig order is rotated automatically as i noticed

In my profile that happens…I think yours too…

Don’t know under what basis…but it happens…


Reply to @charleytakaya: No powerseller. Any seller!


Reply to @mighty_dil: I notice the same one on top all the time and that’s my least selling one. May have to suspend it for now.


Not yet. I hope one day we’ll be able to, especially since they’ve updated the page so only our top 4 show then there’s the “more” button, so I’d like my top selling 4 there :slight_smile:


Reply to @hotwebideas: Lol in my profile too…but sometimes…it is getting rotated frequently…I don’t know under what basis yet… :slight_smile:


I know that when I edit sometimes it will change the gig order but then eventually the main family tree gig ends up back at the top


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks, tn5rr2012. Were you able to see your feature on the blog network?