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Can we choose our order not to be displayed after the work is reviewed?


So, I have never ordered anything serious from this platform. For instance… (it´s just my dog, lol).

But tonight I have placed a few serious orders, just for a test drive first. Same order but different sellers. But I don´t want the system to display what I have ordered after giving a review to the seller (not that I always give a review. When I feel like giving a 3 star, I prefer not give a review). For instance, if I order a seller to make a drawing of my parents, I don´t want the drawing to be displayed for public. Can I avoid this?


Yeah sure you can. While you are reviewing the order, there is a small square display of YOUR order ( portrait in your case ) you can un tick it and it won’t show after you review the order.

THIS :arrow_down:


Kk, thanks a lot @saddu_writer :slight_smile: