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Can we contest star ratings?

Can we contest star ratings? Only fair, right? After-all they’re the replacement “thumbs” system. Any info on this? For example, service as stated is very clearly as stated for one of my gigs. Thus, there is no reason they should give me below a 5, right? It’s sort of like on a content article. So if the person rates a content article, that should always be a 5 star if they delivered a content article. a 4 star would yield an inaccurate rating. Their expectation should be exactly what is stated in the description thus customer service if they want to uphold their star system would have to adjust the star rating accordingly without asking buyer. I would like to see them argue the logic behind that for the more basic gigs.

What about the services in regards to “Buy Again or Recommend”. Can this be void on gigs where they’re meant for a one-time purchase, and not repeat sales? Simply opt out of that rating? Seems kind of biased if not. Noones going to buy again a service meant for a one-time use, but they might recommend it thus a 3 out of 5. Not really fair, right? “Communication with Seller”. Alright, this is always 5 stars right? I communicated, I wasn’t vulgar, I didn’t harrass them. I did what the order stated, thus 5 stars no matter how they feel the order turned out or how slowly it was delivered(hence the delivery time in the first place, a bit redundant, no?). I should simply be able to in all three of these star ratings simply state, “Bias Involved” state it, and the star rating should be switched, right? After-all this is supposed to be fair to both buyers and sellers.

I think I am going to actually put a few additional lines in all my gig deliveries now just to explain it clearly to CS in case of anything but 5 star ratings. “Hey, delivered your item as stated in description. 5 stars. I didn’t harrass you and delivered within the time-frame you agreed to by purchasing, 5 stars.” The “Buy Again or Recommend” shouldn’t even be in the star system, but rather a tally separate altogether. That shouldn’t mix in to your over-all ratings as not only is it subjective, but it doesn’t give an accurate view over-all of your gig. Maybe the user was simply just expecting something else, shouldn’t they then simply be able to opt out of the option altogether? Maybe a replacement option, “I thought I would get a $100 value effort for a $5 order.” Or simply put, “I thought they would work many hours for $4.” and should be highlighted so future buyers can see that the particular buyer was taking advantage of them and should be plastered in the buyers profile everywhere, too. Plus side is that a majority of buyers don’t leave feedback at all, and this will actually mean even less people leaving feedback.

"Why are they asking all these questions for a $5 order… I wish they had a Thumbs Up & Down system…"


Check the forum. There are tons of threads already started on this topic. I encourage you to let Fiverr know by posting on their blog at:

Reply to @steveeyes: I am pretty independent with threads. I do tend to chime into most threads, though. I have already previously sent CS a ticket directly in regards to it. I doubt they even read the blog but i’ll post a message there, too. Also do find me a thread that informs me on whether I can or can’t contest star ratings that involves a detailed message explaining it for me. This isn’t your standard rant thread, and that’s why it’s in the Fiverr FAQ. Albeit I ranted a good bit after, the initial question still stands. Can we contest star ratings, and if so how do we go about doing it? Is this addressed somewhere? I kind of want to know before taking on any clients with extras anymore. Otherwise I will probably have to pull some clients out and go work more independently and just offer basic services here and refund anything that isn’t a perfect 5 star.

I think you made some excellent points, and pointed out some serious flaws in the ARS. I don’t recall your question about disputes being addressed by Fiverr in the announcement in the blog about the new rating system, but I should go look again. I think I assumed the stars could be disputed through CS the same way the thumbs could be.

@mimie01 posted a blatant extortion by a buyer, using the new system:

And so it begins…

Reply to @freelancemm: My idea is to bring this to the attention of the media. This is news worthy. Online sellers ar organising to do an online protest of a platform, I think that never happend before.

Reply to @mimie01: Would be interesting. We can hope that something draws enough attention to them to at least adjust the star system. a simple star system without all the subjective individual star ratings would suffice. An over-all 5/5 isn’t that hard to obtain.

Reply to @celticmoon: I would imagine so too, but I don’t… even know how to go approaching that? I guess I would have to explain my reasoning now… for three different points… all of which don’t even make sense to be rating. It’s tough enough when you get a canned response from CS for the Thumbs Up system where they say “work it out with the buyer” but how… exactly are you going to explain it to them for 3 different points and they say to “work it out with the buyer”. In essence 5/5 for the first two is generally a given if delivered on time and provided what was stated in the gig description, and the 3rd one… doesn’t even make sense in a rating system. How does your over-all rating get effected… if someone was expecting something else or the gig in itself… isn’t even meant to be repeated. So confusing. Yeah, I guess I will be finding out soon enough with my low star rating on a gig that delivered exactly what is stated in the gig.

Reply to @freelancemm: They do read blog and have already replied a couple of times to sellers comments.

Reply to @steveeyes: Oh, and were any of them actual responses, or canned responses. I am skeptical. “Oh, we’re looking into it.” or “Oh, thanks for the input.”, or “Oh I see your point.” are not really valid responses. Would they actually get back to me in a comprehensive manner, or just pretend to care?

Agreed. This is turning into a nightmare. I just keep reading these posts & thinking in my head, Fiverr, why make things more complicated? It only makes the complications more complicated.

And that’s exactly what seems to be happening.

Reply to @celticmoon: Yeah I guess. We’ll see what happens. I was actually planning on doing a lot of expansion within Fiverr but now I have to kind of see how things pan out in general. In the mean-time, i’ll probably slow business down on Fiverr and work on other projects after wrapping up some orders and increasing delivery time on all gigs even more so, especially if buyers can pressure us with rush deliveries without paying for it.