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Can we create a private gig for just one buyer?


I have a buyer who wants a particular type of work that doesn’t really fit any of my gigs, and I don’t want to create a gig that gives people the idea that I do that kind of work on a regular basis. If I do create a private gig for him, could I use a title like “Private Gig: Do Not Purchase” or something along those lines, so no one else will try to buy it?


I’ve created a Special Order gig for this very reason and this special gig has been working for me but I’ve noticed that my Buyers that use this gig never leave a review, so it is always considered a new arrival. But that is okay.

Try it, you have 20-spots for gigs. (*)


@electricseo Thanks! that’s just what I needed.


Reply to @dsaldridge: Your Welcome!