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Can we create a Professional Group on Fiverr?


Just for helping each other in there works is it possible?


We already had a Professional Group on Fiverr, it’s called:
Fiverr Forum.


I agree with youđź‘Ś boss


then how can we take help from others


Just this way we are interacting… I guess.


Simply create a post, submit it in the related category, and wait for help.(It usually takes a few minutes, people here are really helpful).


Are you talking about help in work?


I guess OP is talking about building a team of freelancers which works on big projects together, help each other out and share profits.
The idea looks good but currently not offered by Fiverr.


Im interested you to work


Sometimes working remotely can be a lonely endeavor. You really do need a team around you that compliments your existing skills or provides a level of mentoring. Not reaching out for help can equate to an opportunity cost at which you develop your skills much slower than you otherwise would have.

That’s not to say that you will be more effective with a large group of professionals, but ensuring that you have the right guidance that will help take your career in the direction you want it to go (which may be far from what you expect at this moment).

Finding a team is easy, finding the right team is/was/always-will-be a tricky & on-going process. For me, computers are much easier to manage than people!

Remember that you are your most important client :slight_smile:

May we all find what we’re looking for!