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Can we create two accounts with same IP Address?

I have my fiver account and my brother wants to create his fiver account, so is it possible to create two accounts from same IP Address?

No, you can’t. Your both account will be banned by fiverr!! Better is Ask first to Fiverr Customer Support then create!!

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But he have different email ?

It’s doesn’t matter!! Fiverr will going to find 2 accounts running in the same IP then they will banned both!!.
You have to take permission to Fiverr CS first!!


Its really good that you informed me. Thank you so much… Appreciated :blush::yum:

welcome :slight_smile:

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Yes, he can. IP address alone is not a deciding factor for closing an account.
Make sure both of you follow the TOS and your brother will be OK.


But they both will be in danger and fear always, i think so. Most of the time, Fiverr auto system can do unethical thing!!.

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Yes, but to avoid trouble, it’s best to contact Customer Support first, tell them about it, and ask for their advice.

Keep in mind that you should never buy from each other, can’t share either email address or a withdrawal provider account, and shouldn’t offer the same services.


Yeah…If they are brothers, They both have same skills probably. So Why they can’t offer same services! I think, They both should contact CS first then show their both ID etc and take CS permission…

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Why would brothers have to have the same skills?

Hundreds of years ago, they’d learn the trade from their father, so they’d have similar skills, but we no longer live in those times.

Because that’s what CS usually says: members of the same household can have their own accounts, but shouldn’t offer the same services.

Anyway, like I said, it’s best to contact CS first, and do as they say.


yes you can have two accounts with same ip address.

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My roommate just started her Fiverr account and I contacted CS, it was their answer:

"In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one account at your location, for example, an account for each family member. However, the accounts must abide by our Terms of Service.

The most important rules to take note of in this situation are:

The accounts may not sell similar services.
The accounts may not purchase from one another.
The accounts may not share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer)."

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Thank you for feedback

Not really, you can contact the staff in case you and your spouse provide different services or each of you has a different account. They will make an exception in this case. Otherwise it won’t be possible.

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Yes you can if you are selling different services.

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Are you 100% sure ??

One of my friends asked the support and they said this. I forgot to add, you can not sell to each other.

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Okay thanks for your feedback