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Can we deliver the order in just 2 minutes?

Can anyone guide me about the question that “Can I deliver the order just after 2 minutes of order placement because sometimes work is done in the inbox” Hope I am clear!!!

thanks in advacne!

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Yes you can. I do that for stingers for OBS and streamers. They send me logo I put it in template export and deliver.


I am not sure what you mean, “Work is done in the in box”. But, I do want to let you know, be sure that they have made an order and the order is on your order page - if not, you do not have an order and will not get paid for doing work through the messages only.

Now, if they did order, and you delivered through the “in box”, you need to use the “Deliver Now” button instead. This is because, only the “Deliver Now” button will guarantee your work is marked as received or sent.

I suppose if it takes you only 2 minutes to do something, you can deliver it. No rule against that.


Yes, just make sure that the completed work is delivered on the order page through the Deliver Now button, otherwise it doesn’t count as a delivery.

Sure, You can do it.

Yap u can :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course you can but after delivery of the project in the inbox if buyer doesn’t place the order you cannot claim anything to Fiverr. I had the experience with one of my client but I took the risk as it was very low amount of budget and the client was trusted too. But this doesn’t happens every time. So act accordingly. Happy earning.

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The question you should be asking is…

Should I be doing work before an order is placed? The answer is no.

You have zero protection from Fiverr if your ‘buyer’ doesn’t place an order.


I’ve once delivered an order in two minutes.
The buyer wanted me to translate this short sentence written on a post card he bought
in Japan. It was just that one sentence, so it was done in a heartbeat.

Of course though, I worked on the translation only AFTER the order was placed.


Why not. If your buyer’s requirement is ready, you can deliver right then.