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Can we discuss how to still get orders in this COVID-19 times

Good day all, I’ve been having tough times getting orders and I know many other people too. Is it because of the pandemic? Can you give suggestions how we can get buyers while while they also work from home? Thanks…


Sellers earn orders during this pandemic the same way they earned orders before the pandemic. Connect to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and convince them to hire you.


Thanks for your kind answer.

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Presently, I’m niching down in my niche…
I hope you grab :joy:

I’m taking a deep research to see what’s been sold in my niche in this period…

We just need to know what’s been sold by those in our niche making it big…


You are very correct but how have you been achieving that?

The most feasible job now in this situation is still freelancing. Sooner or later, people will think of projects that they can still push forward at home and the jobs will come in for the sellers. There might just be a slight reduction in the rate at which people buy, maybe due to those that give work related to company or organisation commitment and can no longer do that.


Find the right active niche. Let`s take an example. I offer Google ads as my service and I created a gig specially for psychologists, therapists, counselors and so on (online counseling).


My response with @jonbaas this time, there’s not much different before the pandemic.


Yes, you are right. I think so too.

Wow! That’s such a great idea. Targeting certain professionals. Thanks so much for the tips. I’ll try it too.

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In this lockdown most of buyer office business is close for covic-19. So if they can’t open there’s office there is no way to get order.

Some client is going on there business on digital way. Some are open e-commars site.

Need to patient.


I really like the idea of niching down and specializing the service for a certain industry. Has been effective for you?

I would suggest to be patient. I have started to be active in fiver recently and i am also waiting for my first order. So i suggest to be patient.