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Can we do paid marketing of our gigs? Like fb ads

Hi there.
I have done Fiverr freelancing course and in the course our trainer said don’t share your gig on social media and don’t market it on FB ads.
But here I’ve seen most of the Fiverr guru they are saying to share your gig on social media and do marketing.

If this is right then how to do marketing?

You are talking about two different things: paid media and organic marketing.

You are in no position to make social media ads. Never do that unless you understand how they work. You don’t even know what the difference is. You wouldn’t drive on the highway if you didn’t even know how to drive a car would you?

None of the social media advice in the forum is from gurus, by the way. It is from people who don’t understand lead generation or branding.


You pay 100$ and you will get around: 300 likes, no comments, no shares, no orders :slight_smile: (if you share it worldwide, you can get almost 1000 likes. Still, no shares and no orders). You can try gurus, you can try fiver review exchange (yes, I saw your topic), you can try any shortcut available, but it won’t work. Provide quality gigs and wait for it. I’m doing the same thing, still waiting for my first order.