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Can we exchange review between seller?


can anyone tell me can i exchange review on seller


If you buy something you can leave a review. But it is not allowed to agree to buy from each other just to leave reviews.


Anything that falls into the “review manipulation” category can get your account banned, so don’t do it. :slight_smile:


Definitely, especially with sellers on the main Fiverr Forum. Nope, of course not, that particular thing is against the ToS. Just as the user above me had noted - it would fall into the “Review Manipulation” category.


image Everyone should know NOT to exchange reviews.

No one want to take a chance on losing their account! :open_mouth:


No, It will effect your account and your account can be BANNED!
so carefull


In addition to what others have told you, take some time and read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. That way, you’ll know what’s allowed and what isn’t. Keep in mind that not knowing or understanding the rules isn’t a legitimate excuse if you break them.

Here’s the link to the terms of service:


Another example of a question that is the result of not reading the terms of service.

I know it seems like you don’t need to do this but you really do so you understand some basic rules like the one you are asking about.


thank you very much:blush: