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Can we find clients over here in forums?

Is it true that people get a lot of potential buyers just by replying and helping people and building a reputation in the forums?

Could anyone help me understand what’s all behind this?


Forum is a designer community, it’s not a client forum dear


Exactly my point! How can people tell that there are buyers here? :laughing:


Thanks! @vickiespencer

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It’s a miracle if they got client from forum


@wowgraphique ikr :stuck_out_tongue:
but are forum badges even worth it?



Here’s the real answer.

You’re going to see a lot of fiverr forum users tell you that there’s no money to be made by posting on the forum. This is total social persuasion. They view you as competition and they want you to shove off. The truth is, there’s TONS of money to be made by posting here.

But there’s a certain way to post. Secret code phrases that let buyers (especially the buyers who hang around the forum but never post) know that you’re “in” on their needs. I’m not allowed to share all of those phrases with you, I’ve been here since 2013 and until recently, I wasn’t sent my fiverr official booklet, “Making Money Posting on the Fiverr Forum.”

But here are a few.

  1. Buyers love it when you post pictures of yourself in silly hats. They really get a sense of your playful side.

Did you know that profiles featuring silly hats are 73 percent more likely to be viewed than non silly hat profiles?

Don’t wait. Post a picture of yourself in a silly hat to this thread. Then, post that picture in at least three threads a day. Really let your personality show.

  1. Buyers respond positively to Sellers who are confrontational in the forum. Especially using the phrase, “You wanna make something of it, Sally?

Buyers don’t want to work with sellers who don’t know where they stand. You must display yourself as confident and able to insert yourself into unique situations.

As an exercise, respond to four threads a day, no matter what the topic, and confront the person by using this secret phrase. Your profile impressions will sky rocket.

  1. Start one thread per day with the following topic:

“What’s up ladies…”

Buyers absolutely want self starters.

You’ve got to prove that you can begin a concept and see it through. Don’t be distracted by weird detractors telling you that your threads are inappropriate. These are sellers and your competition. They’re largely afraid - or other new members who don’t understand how to use this invaluable resource to their advantage.


  1. Perform a tickle hand video.

This can be used on your video platform of choice. Upload or link a video of yourself, under five seconds, imitating the act of tickling directly to your camera.

Make sure to tag people in many threads throughout the day and drop the tickle hand video into the thread.

Many new posters don’t know this, but “tickle hands” is a sort of long standing tradition in the forum. Long term and valuable buyers will respect that you’re paying homage to the values and games of fiverr as a community. As such, they’ll see you as a person that respects the ideas and agenda of your buyers.

Trust me. “Tickle hands” is the money.

That’s all I’m allowed to share with you now. But your dedication and your strong use of these techniques will reward you with new tips as your fiverr journey grows.

You’ve got this. Make all that fiverr forum money.

Take care.


Many sellers here are not designers.

Not a lot. A few, possibly (I got a few orders because someone noticed me on the forum, or because I’ve helped someone), plus people can learn a lot and improve themselves (if they manage to find useful topics instead of all the misinformation cluttering the forum). However, while replying and helping can be a nice gesture, there’s zero guarantee that it will ever lead to a sale.


thanks for the help @damooch916 this would really help me in the long run!

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Yes @catwriter I agree with you

Sometime you may find, but it will happened not like that

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You wanna make something of it, Sally?


If I buy and wear this hat in my profile image, would it be cheesy enough to get me 73% more sales? So, do you wanna make something of it, Sally?

I had never heard of this type of video. I do not make videos perhaps I could hire @marinapomorac to make one for me. But those I found were very boring. Are you sure this “trick” will help me get sales?

O—K—A—Y :thinking: I will try that. Here is a tickle had video. But all of them I could find were rather long.

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Let me join the party.

I’ll build a chatbot which will automatically send “No, No, AND NO” replies to questions like this.
It should be a handy tool to all of the sellers in this forum, who keep answering to the same questions.


@vickiespencer I would prefer we do the “old” test your blood pressure test.

You stand next to the wall straight up and you push inside part of your palm as strong as you can from the wall but without moving your body. Do this for 40 seconds, then move aside. How high your hand raises all by itself is your blood pressure level… or it was just a circus trick I do not know, but it was fun watching hand go up on its own and can’t put it down…

I got 2 orders in 1 year from participating in the forum.


Then if this is the method you used to find clients on the Fiverr Forum, it worked! I am jealous because I have not got sales from the Forum in the past 365 days!


@vickiespencer Dude I’m really new here and this guy is just tearing me apart :laughing:

Is he for real?


Yes maybe I could find someone. Who knows?

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