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Can we get 1 week clearing period?


This might be something to consider for Fiverr administration, as I believe it will mean a lot to good amount of sellers, I know it will to me, as I made Fiverr my main source of incomes and a full time job.
I know this is one of advantages for Top Rated Sellers, so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement for at least 2nd lvl sellers.

Is this something you will consider doing as 20% fee is already a good amount, can we at least get smaller clearing periods?

Would like some feedback on this from people who are in charge of this and/or have any impact on this platform, is this possible, and if not, why is that?

Thank you.

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Good stuff. Hope they don’t react by further extending the period. :smile_cat:

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If you want a direct answer, I would suggest you take this directly to customer support. This has been on the wishlist for a long time but I personally don’t see it happening.

I don’t have very good experience with support, they’re usually giving me scripted answers that are often semi related to my actual question, if I’d open a ticket asking them about this, answer would be something along “Clearing period is 2 weeks. Thank you for contacting us” lines.

And as this is Fiverr Site Suggestion part of the site, it looks like perfect place to post suggestion I have about this website. Just in case any of those in charge actually read it.

Sure it doesn’t hurt to ask ;).

Awesome. You know what before i saw your thread, I was about to post " I wish only 3 day clearing period" and then i saw your post. 14 days are awful since people like me ( i am doing this for my university fee) need their money fast.

3 days seems a little bit unrealistic, 7 days are pretty much way to go in my opinion. We know it’s possible and it shouldn’t be hard to implement since Top Rated Sellers already have this.

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Work on becoming Top Rated Seller ,then you will enjoy 1 week clearance

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This isn’t something that should be privilege of the few, 2 weeks is too long clearance period.

privilege of the few

Haven’t you guys heard of NET 30? Here is a helpful link

What a horror, eh? That’s regular freelance income and it’s not guaranteed! You’ll have to chase up those malingering clients, not to mention market to them and all the other stuff. And you may not get paid until 3 months later! How desperately unfair the world of modern business is.

If you have regular orders (i.e. on a daily, or near-daily basis), you get income cleared pretty much every day and this becomes a non-issue. If you are looking for quick cash, Fiverr isn’t the best platform. And yes, I do enjoy the 7-day withdrawal benefit from my golden throne, but you know what, apart from the first week where I had ‘double income’ it hasn’t made much difference. I still only take money out at a certain threshold, which can be in a week, or in a month. It depends.

Just work towards becoming a TRS instead of trying to change something as minor as this. You could focus on improving your skills or something. Stuff like that.


This isn’t minor by any means.

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Alright, try me. Why?

Because some of us instead of doing bunch of small gigs, do smaller amount of bigger jobs, and if you for example have to wait up to 17 days after work is complete to receive your funds, that start to become an issue.

But what is the issue? If its a need of money, then you need to manage your money better or find an alternative source of income that runs inline with Fiverr to ensure that you have a steady income stream. If you’re working on larger projects, then break it down into weekly milestones to get the money in drips. There are a lot of solutions here, and Fiverr’s unlikely to change its current policy right now. 14 days isn’t that bad: Amazon takes 2 or 3 months to pay out on the KDP program, for example.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find a workaround that makes the scheme more comfortable for you until such a time as you become TRS and enjoy that perk. That’s just the way it is.


Though I also don’t believe that it makes much of a difference, it would be nice if there’s something in between the 14 days for us mortal souls and 7 days for the TRS. Maybe 10 days clearance time for level 2 sellers. If you suddenly take on a bigger assignment, and know you won’t be paid for a month or so, you just need to keep a buffer.

I’ve already given you a solution that acts as a buffer. All you need to do is explain it to the client as a benefit.

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And that’s why I’m trying to change current way of things. There’s a reason why competitive services provide 7 day clearing period and more perks as you make them more money, such as lower fees as you progress etc. This suggestion would make Fiverr better place to work for bunch of us while not harming others, so I don’t see reason not to be implemented.

As for other things you suggested, life is not same for everyone and when you have to provide for your family at young age you don’t have much room to maneuver, but that’s another story, I’m sure no one here want to hear about.

Point is, in my, and from what I can see, other people opinions as well, this could be a big improvement that should be moderately easy to implement.

Ding ding ding!

I’ve got two clients who finally paid me over $1000 they owed me 2 months later after the voice over was delivered. Beautiful stuff! And I’m talking about two different clients, two different voice overs, no related at all between each other. 2 months.

The competitor site is also notorious for a lot of other things, but let’s not get into that either. You’re not going to change anything by posting on the forum–Customer Support is the only way to contact Fiverr, and you’ll likely get a canned response. The CEO of Fiverr had a Twitter Q&A where this question was asked multiple times to deafening silence. There is your answer.

You can always focus on the competitor site(s), for example. It should be noted that larger orders are very risky here on Fiverr, as a PP chargeback will see your money gone, even months after the work is complete. By batching up larger orders into smaller ones, you not only get your money quicker, you also offer yourself a little protection.

Instead of trying to seek change where there will be none, be the change you want to see! It’s just not going to happen, irrespective of your financial and personal situation. I suggest you look into the protests a couple of years back when the review system changed–TRS quit over that–but it stuck.

You can try, but you’re just wasting time–that’s just the way it is. See @torelles response above… er… below. Wherever it shows up. Same complaint, and business doesn’t care. You have to care and do what you need to do in order to get paid when you want. That’s harder than complaining on a forum, true, but that’s the simple truth of it all.

It’s suggestion to make this platform better place to work, if this post makes any difference great, if not, at least I tried. Customer support was in most of my tickets ( even though there are some great people who work there ) useless, I asked about one thing, they answered with some script that had nothing to do with my question, so there’s no point in asking them about this topic.

As far for changes, even though main chunk of income still come from here, that becomes less and less of a case, which is good thing I guess. But again, that’s not important as focus of this topic is on something else.