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Can We Get Canned Responses For Buyer Request? And Delete Request Option in App?


I know canned responses in buyer request are not ideal. They should be personal. Sometimes, some information you want to share just does not change. Canned responses in buyer request would be a boon to workflow.

Also, would love to delete buyer request in the app.

Thoughts fellow Fiverreres?


I rarely use buyer requests for that exact reason.

You could, however, save your ‘canned response’ as a quick response. Then, simply copy and paste the message when responding to buyer requests. The solution isn’t ideal, but it’s better than manually responding each time.


Man, you guys really hate your funnies. All this anon flagging must really be fun for you guys huh?

If anyone flags this they hate comedy!

Case in point, m’lud.


I had mentioned that a certain blog site was free to use and that got flagged and banned.


People did a lot more flagging on the old forum and we have more people helping here, so it hasn’t been too bad (yet.) I think if the funnies are in Conversations or in a thread where they are more on-topic, you might have more opportunity to spread the humor. When you combine anything off-color (even if really mild as this one was) and a suggestions category and put it in a thread where it doesn’t relate very well to the OP, it’s more likely to end up flagged.


You can still see removed content by clicking on view hidden content.


I like the idea of saving them in regular messages and copy and pasting.


That sometimes stays available and sometimes the hidden content goes away. It depends and the nature and number of flags as well as the moderator action chosen.