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Can We Get Cruz Back In?

Honestly, Trump has been a disaster. Is there a way to get Cruz on the ticket? Hillary doesn’t have to do a thing, this is turning out to be a cakewalk for her, thanks to her media friends. I know the media is biased, but Trump walks into every single trap every day. He has made it easy for them.

Paul Ryan would be a great candidate as well. I don’t know. This is turning out to be a mistake. Won’t be surprised if Trump bows out before November.

oh really and how is the media biased. If you want to see media bias watch fox news. Biff is a scary individual. This is the guy who asked his advisers repeatedly “why can’t we use nukes”. I wouldn’t put him in charge of running a bath, never mind a country.

The U.S. media will attack anyone who challenges a Democrat…remember what they did to Romney? He was far superior to Obama and would have been a terrific President. But media hounded him all through the race. They will do the same to Cruz or Ryan or Rubio or any Republican who stands in 2020. Fox News is called biased because it doesn’t support the Democratic hegemony unlike other news outlets. Really, don’t pay attention to me, I’m just an Indian - a vast majority of Americans believe the media is biased and cannot be trusted according to most opinion polls.

My problem with Trump is that he hasn’t been able to counter the media bias. He makes some really stupid statements and walks into every trap the media lays out for him.

Cruz was even dismissed by fellow party members as a nasty piece of work and dug his own hole. The rest of them, in case you don’t remember, were too busy turning on each other rather than debating issues and by the time they woke up to the fact that Trump was already down the road it was too late and if they cannot run a campaign they cannot run the country.

with regards to Romney. Let me remind you of this.

How can you possibly say that he, Romney, would have made a better president. on what basis have you made that statement?

Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, the media believes that Trump is a few mince pies short of a picnic and put their voice behind Clinton. Even fellow republicans have openly stated they are now going to vote for Clinton. What does that tell you?

Romney - self-made multimillionaire, created a world class private equity firm, successful governor, organized the winter Olympics at Salt Lake City to perfection. Obama - community organizer, 1-time senator, Nobel prize winner.

Trump invited gun supporters to take matters into their own hands to stop Hillary and the Secret Service has visited him multiple times to try to get him to not ask people to basically kill her. He also asked Russia to disclose her hacked emails. He also has refused to release his tax returns to the public. He wants to build a wall between US and Mexico. He has
mocked a handicapped reporter. He has said he is willing to use nuclear weapons on Europe and our allies. And on and on. If the Republicans were smart they would somehow get him to remove himself from the candidacy. He is a very bad thing for the party.
He is a one man wrecking crew, for the party, the country and the world.

ah yes. The salt lake olympics. I’m so glad you bought that one up.

you seem to be putting money above people. May I point to out to you what greed does. Look no further than your colony where people are building anywhere and everywhere and look at the consequences.

anything else? do you want a bigger shovel to keep digging that hole ?

You are getting too serious. This has nothing to do with me. Just expressing an opinion in between work. Anyway, I value achievement, not money, and Romney was an achiever. I can tell you that a lot of highly educated Indians from IITs and IIMs- our top colleges -work for the company Romney created - Bain and Company. It is one of the world’s top consulting firms.

Even Benjamin Netanyahu worked there.

you do know that he, Bibi, is allegedly under investigation. It sounds like that company is a training ground for crooks.

I’m happy to hear that and didn’t know it before.
I’m sure Chinese want Trump as he has all his products made there and Putin wants Trump as he has indicated he would have no objections to them expanding their borders into
neighboring countries. North Korea wants Trump as he has said he would invite the dictator to the White House. Your country should want Hillary to be president as she sold out for 1 million dollars to allow outsourcing in India from the US. We have businesses set up in this country to handle massive volumes of incoming customer service calls but we have to pay workers a lot more than they do in India.

India will be fine, whether it’s Trump or Hillary. Both Republicans and Democrats want friendly relations with India and Indian-Americans are generally respected by both sides.

Internet chatter.

Outsourcing is yesterday’s business. Automation and cloud computing have changed everything. In India, ecommerce is the big thing - there is more money to be made by selling within India to Indians than by exporting. All the start-ups here are involved in ecommerce and some in app development.

I suggest you read or watch something besides the telegraph & faux news.

We don’t get Fox News in India and I rarely read telegraph. I actually read Guardian. It always makes me smile :slight_smile:

I love how they are always wrong, always losing money, always bitter, always resentful and always angry, and yet have this inner conviction, this holier-than-thou, purer than the purest attitude. I love how they are always outraged, I love how unhappy they are at the world. I just love the folks at Guardian :slight_smile: and their pet theories…I just adore their pet theories :slight_smile:

You know what guys, this all isn’t against the current rules and I might be totally alone on this, so I’m speaking strictly as a Fiverr forum reader, not an admin or anything but being me. There are threads in Conversations on other controversial topics and if they don’t break the rules (or start breaking the rules later) they stay too. I’ve seen people upset about posts on religion, non-religion, gender, ethnicity and all sorts of things and often want those threads removed.

Being honest, sometimes I do too and other times I enjoy them. However, for the record, Maddie the forum reader really hates these political threads. It’s true when they are about other countries and it’s true when they are about mine. It probably bugs me more when it’s about mine, since it’s always easier to talk about another person’s “house” - although I’ll give @writer due credit that he does not have a problem talking about the politics of any country including his own. I still hate these threads. Ok, done, I just needed to get that off my chest. It is not my intent to offend even in have my tantrum. :slight_smile: