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Can we get more than the offered amount?

Buyer said that if I do extra work and deliver some additional tasks, he’ll give me extra money as a tip. Is this possible that we get the more amount than the offered one?

That sound a bit fishy.
I would’ve tell your buyer that they don’t need to worry and instead of leaving a tip you can just send them a custom offer for x$ to cover for this additional work.

If they really had an intention to leave you a tip then that wouldn’t be a problem for them to pay custom offer while the order is still open.
If they start finding excuses then you’ll know that they don’t have an intention of paying you or leaving a tip.


Logically you can’t demand appreciation.

That means they’re not going to pay you.

If the order is still open, send them the extra for additional work. If the order is complete, send them a custom offer for the amount you consider appropriate. Be polite. Explain why you’re charging them the amount you’re charging them. Say that you’ll be happy to assist them and will be ready to proceed as soon as the payment is taken care of.


Very bad idea. No reason he couldn’t do that with a resolution to add scope and money to the order, unless he wants to scam you.

A contract can only protect you if you do only what’s in the contract.


A handful of buyers use this trick to encourage sellers to make more of an effort (in other words they think you will deliver a better result). Personally I don’t like it and I tell buyers upfront that I don’t work this way.

Always agree a price to start with based on what you will deliver. If the buyer wants extra work - they pay extra. It is simple - but some buyers abuse the system.

Yes, a buyer can reward you with a tip after you have delivered the gig and they have accepted the delivery - but this should always be as a ‘thank you’ for exceptional work. It should NEVER be part of the original payment agreement, which more than likely the buyer will forget about in the end - or argue that your work didn’t meet expectations.