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Can we give demo to our prospective buyer through remote access software?

I have a windows application software but I don’t want to give executable file or source code to prospective buyer before gig purchase. Does Fiverr allow to give demo through remote access softwares(like TeamViewer, AnyDesk etc). Does it violate any Fiverr TORs? Also is it safe to give demo on remote access softwares? is there any possible risk of getting hacked?

Teamviewer is one URL that’s allowed in gig descriptions but I think the gig has to have been already set up for it.

It would be safer to either send screenshots of the software or use screen capture software that creates a video of your screen as you run your software and you could then attach that video to the order screen if you wanted to give the buyer a preview. Another option (that probably isn’t as good) is to give a ‘demo’ version of your software, with various options greyed out and things limited in it.