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Can we go from New seller to level 2 [new seller's standards ]


Just wanted to ask i’ve been on fiverr from 1.5 yr and after the new sellers standards in feb i got demoted to new sellers now can i get back to level 2 from new seller because i have all the standards achieved

Thank you
Shubham dahale

Note:- some of the topics regarding this question were too old that why i created a new topic after new sellers standards


You can only be promoted one level at a time.

On May 15th, if you have reached all of the promotion requirements, you’ll be promoted to Level 1. If, on June 15th, you have reached the listed promotion requirements, you will be promoted to Level 2. However, in June (as a Level 1 seller), if you have not maintained all of the promotion requirements, you would be demoted back down to a New Seller.

You cannot skip a seller level.


I was a level two seller for a while before I got demoted to level one and subsequently to no level because I was careless with my delivery time (which I know I should take care of) and there was a mutually cancelled order as well.

What I wanted to know was that since I fulfill all the criterias for level two, when my ‘Delivered on time’ crosses the 90% threshold, will I get back level two or will I get level one at first?


If you have no level at the moment, you’ll be promoted to Level One in next evaluation.
For Level Two promotion, you need to wait for another month.


Okay, I guess that’s only fair :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: