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Can we have a different font?


Fiverr is using helvetica. There are better fonts available. I understand opinions will vary widely but users prefer a font that evokes enthusiasm amidst a sense of calm and serenity, in addition to being contemporary. I am not sure how helvetica is a suitable font on a site such as where buyers and sellers need to come together and close deals. I would like to know what others think regarding this issue.

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First of all, Helvetica is one of the renown fonts that have stood the test of time. I, myself, think it’s a calm font, and given the fact that it still stands the test of time, I think it still conveys a contemporary feel despite being rather old.

Secondly, most buyers (and sellers) don’t care about the font as long as the text is readable and the transaction completes successfully. Do you think people purchase a particular newspaper and not another one because of the font choice? I doubt it - they just want to digest the news/info, and likewise on Fiverr, buyers want to get what they need, and sellers to do what they’re hired for.

Finally, if you’re using Chrome, you can use an extension like UserCSS to change the fonts on a particular site like Fiverr - and I’m sure other browsers have similar addons :slight_smile:

All in all, I doubt Fiverr would listen to a few users who don’t like their choice of font. However, rest assured that a future version of Fiverr will most likely change the font, like it did with this version since the old versions of Fiverr from 2010 were using a different font :wink:


This is great! I’m going to try it.


Actually, that’s more of a hacky extension because you have to write your own CSS to change the fonts.

There’s one that’s even better, “Font Changer with Google Web Fonts”, that allows you to change a site’s font using an interactive list with any of Google’s fonts :wink: But I like doing it the hard way!

I just downloaded it and see that it needs you to add your own css as you said.

Then Font Changer with Google Web Fonts is your go-to extension :slight_smile: Personally, I like writing my own code.

Man, Helvetica is the safest choice. Me, as a graphic designer, approves this font. Do you know the old quote about graphic design: “When in doubt, use Helvetica”. Which means, that Helvetica is a neutral font that fits everywhere.

However, nowadays fonts like “FF Mark”, “Avenir”, “Corporate Samsung”, and I don’t know the name of the one used on Airbnb, are really popular and cool looking. But to be honest, they would not match with the Fiverr logo. :slight_smile:

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And if you say Google, you say Roboto font :stuck_out_tongue: at least that’s what I see they use in the Google Drive app and some other places.


Yeah, google uses Roboto and Arial (which is a Helvetica rip-off)l on most of their products/services. If we go by OP’s logic, then also Apple uses an outdated font called Myriad Pro.

Edit: In my opinion fonts like that are evergreen. :slight_smile:

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Now, the problem with Helvetica is a big problem on Chrome for Windows in regards to Fiverr and other pages that use this font, because Chrome appears to still have a font rendering bug that doesn’t display Helvetica :frowning:

Because of this Chrome bug with Helvetica rendering, which looks really bad since it’s not actually Helvetica, I had to use an extension to change the generic fallback sans/serif font to Arial, which for some reason looks quite good on Fiverr, although I started to hate Arial :smiley:

Here’s an example of how Fiverr fonts fall back to a generic sans-serif due to Chrome’s Helvetica display bug:


And here’s how it looks when I replace it with Arial: quite lovely, readable & even a bit eye-candy :smiley:


P.S. Apple is a fan of Myriad Pro, but now have their own font called San Francisco.

P.P.S. in case you’ve noticed, yeah, I removed the “cancellation rate” using adblocker because I don’t like seeing it, it really annoys me after all those “mistake” cancellations and nonsense cancellations lowering it.


I haven’t noticed that. It’s visually similar to Helvetica. Actually, Helvetica is the basis of fonts, typography, and graphic design.

Maybe, Larry Page and Sergey Brin aren’t fans of Helvetica. That’s the only explanation I can give you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in love with the corporate font of Samsung (Samsung One).

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I’m quite impressed with all this. And I’m not easily impressed.


Which font do you recommend, OP?

You should know that computer programmers and website designers choose fonts that can be displayed well from a wide variety of computer monitors, smartphones, etc. A good website also has to work well whether the user has high speed internet or not.

Helvetica is a great font, it’s easy to read, it’s pretty.

Do you have a blog or website? What font are you using? What font do you use on Microsoft Word? I use Arial for the most part, but then again, I’m a copywriter and we like the classics.

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