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Can we have a "hidden" reviews average report?

I’m curious how I get rated in these anonymous reviews. It would be cool to have a monthly report that showed your average review. This would keep things anonymous but give valuable information on your performance.


I have no idea what you’re talking about… What are anonymous reviews?
Sorry if this seems dumb, I really don’t know what anonymous reviews are.

When you buy a service from Fiverr it lets you give a public review that goes on the sellers profile and then submit another review just for the Fiverr team.

That sounds like a good idea - currently we’re working in the dark about those …

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Oh wow. I never knew about that. Sounds interesting.

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Don’t we have enough to worry about as it is? Seriously it’s stressful even when you do all you can to never violate any rules. I’m happy to not have another thing to think about.

I don’t think that would happen because in a lot of cases people could figure out who said what in those hidden reviews.

It would also be misleading for Fiverr to say they are internal only if the general results will be summed up to the party from whom they are supposed to be concealed. Frankly I’d be furious if I found out my data was used that way and it would make me less inclined to be candid in the future (if I don’t leave the platform).