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Can we have an auto responder?


When the clients post us a message during untime like night, we are able to see the message only in the morning. By the time when we reply the work has been given to another seller. so, if we can have an auto responder, clients will come to know that we will be available for his work. so he will wait till morning until our reply.

Also, he does not have to wait for our reply in case of our vacation, if we have the auto responder.

hope you will add it.



Reply to @baaltazar: I do believe that I am more obsessive compulsive with my gig and also a dedicated fiverr seller

freagglerocks - lol, I wrote fiver-r clones and it autocorrected it. :slight_smile:

wow, you are a dedicated seller for sure! :slight_smile:

anyway, this autoresponder feature would be great when delivering digital goods (ie. ebooks). other fiverr clones have already implemented it. Please fiverr guys, give it a thought! :slight_smile:


I like that idea and would also appreciate an autoresponder.

I think an auto response would work for many of the gigs not mine in particular. I have an alert on my phone that if an email comes in from fiverr during the night it will tell me and thus I get up and auto respond myself, then go back to bed


Yeah, that would be pretty neat.

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Totally agree…

Because the work will be given to others…without any reason…


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Can you please tell me how I can add automatic response to a Fiverr message?

If they add an auto responder option that would be great.

One that sends out custom orders to all who enquire.

@emmastone2017 @misscrystal you can try out IFTTT, using it you can set to automatically send a message/offer to a buyer who messaged you during a particular period of time (At night). But it lacks an AI, so you will be able to only send some common replies.

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I think quick response some how help us in that situation.


I think it will not be helpful. Because sometime clients ask for special requirements.So generally it will be not match actually what they ask/wants if we use a auto responder.

Why don’t you use the Fiverr app? If you get a message at night, the phone will beep and you will get notified.

Because sleep is necessary, unless you intend to ruin your health.

Imagine this: “Hi” at 2 AM (BEEP), “Are you there?” at 2:01 (BEEP), “Hello?” at 2:03 (BEEP), “I need (whatever)” at 2:05 (BEEP), “Can you help?” at 2:06 (BEEP), “Hello?” at 2:07 (BEEP), “Are you there?” at 2:08 (BEEP), “Why aren’t you answering?” at 2:11 (BEEP), “I’ll tell everyone that you’re the worst!” at 2:12 (BEEP), and so on…



I do not usually get this type of messages, but when I do, I just answer all of them till like 3 AM. Then, I put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode. I manage to get 6-7 hours of sleep by sleeping a couple of hours during the day. This may not be applicable for some of us, who have more important things to do during the day.