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Can we have custom order only gigs?

There are clients that do their best to avoid having a conversation and just buy the service. It isn’t helpful for the services that I provide, as they require more detailed discussions to be carried out so that I can get them exactly what they want. That’s why I’d prefer to have an option to remove the normal price payment page. For example, replacing it with 'Customer orders starting from 5$~"

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. The only way you can guarantee that you receive custom orders is if you raise your price so high that nobody would feasibly think to use that system to make an offer (and that comes with the dettraction of possible buyers to your order)

I imagine that there are many others here who feel the same way. Feeling great annoyance when suddenly, an order comes in from nowhere, gives you some requirements and then doesn’t bother to respond back. Especially when you make enemies on this site that have an army of accounts that try and derail your gigs with bad reviews.

What do you guys think? A nice, separate option which says (custom orders start from 5$) as another option instead of just having (orders starting from 5$)?

It makes sense and gives more protection to the Sellers from people like this.


Every custom quote has to be associated with a gig that is active.

Your text to hand written translations gig leads me to believe that you will translate any document. I know it doesn’t say that but it really suggests that. I have to really read to find out that it only covers 2 pages. I still haven’t read your FAQ, but you probably reveal more limitations there. I would also suggest that the gig covers so many words and not pages. It took me about 100 delivers on a gig to refine the communication and make sure that it was understood.

I would do a combination of changing your title, simplifying your offer and raising your price.

Title can express what you offer: I will create handwritten japanese or I will create 150 words of hand written Japanese for $25.00.

Description: I will create 150 words of Japanese for $25.00. My deliveries are hand drawn. If have more or less words, contact me for a custom quote.

People don’t read the descriptions. If you will use less words in the description, they might read part of it.

The following is not for you, but for everyone else:
There is a fear that if you raise the price, people will not order. If they order, and it was an accident because they didn’t understand the pricing, that would be a bait and switch scenario. That is what Fiverr is trying to eliminate when they have a harsh cancellation policy.

Good luck.


It wouldn’t be nice when most of them, in my case, don’t want any of my gigs and have their own wild ideas that are things I don’t do. And tell me their budget is one tenth of what I charge.

What we already have is the contact button for those.


Thank you for the feedback and helpful critiques. That’s a nice idea too. I definitely want to portray it as you wrote.

I thought that t it may be better to raise the price, as that may bring people to the negotiation table.

Yeah. That’s true too.

Some clients have ideas on what their budget is. Sometimes I am even able to match those even if they are under our normal rate due to a lack of orders in some periods. The thing is i feel that if that if we are able to share discourse on a certain quoted rate, then we can discuss in more depth how to give them the best types of services.

Currently, we try to highlight that we do custom orders as our preferred method of transaction. Maybe something that @landongrace said, where I edit the title to reflect that it is 'doing custom order for something… " and raise the prices, we can reduce these instances.

If you do something creative then I can understand how you would need to communicate a lot with them. In my case, the more chat the less likely they are to order and the chat is their main interest, not in ordering.

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Ah really?

Maybe our side of the Fiver world differs a little, as the clients who engage with me the most are usually the one’s that end up making a purchase with me after getting a quote. usually, they are trying to get a sense of what i can provide to them in terms of translation, notice my due diligence and commitment to helping them get their work done properly.

my work has this type of requirement that having an open channel communication can get the person trying to buy a service from us with exactly that. maybe the more, automated related tasks such as subtitles and document creation are one’s people can expect to just make an order through.

Even then, we’ve got to change it to how many minutes of work they need for the subtitles. I suppose the document creation even needs that too, as usually people have such a specific amount that they need. Very rarely do they have exactly a number like 50 or exactly 10 that needs changed.

in any case, thanks for the advice too. any ideas like this for me to think over are valuable to me at this point.

Raising the price a little will slow people down from possible ordering before they know what they want. I don’t know if that threshold is $10, $25, or $100.00.

In my mind. A direct fiverr order and a custom fiverr quote are two complete different products.

Service productization is turning a service into a product. It removes the customized process of submitting a quote and waiting to be rewarded the contract.

I have to factor in all of the conversation and the time it takes to figure out what the client needs. If someone orders a 150 word video on my gig, the cost is $50.00. If I have to submit quotes and only win 50% of the jobs, my cost for the same 150 word video goes to $150.00-$250.00. I don’t make more money. It just costs more time and I am pushing more paperwork than I am making videos.


Actually, I’d like the option to declare individual gigs as “direct order only” / “custom order only” / “both direct order and custom order possible” but I suppose that’s too bothersome to realize and implement and wouldn’t really work, unless the contact button wasn’t on the seller’s profile but on individual gigs (or not, for the “only direct order gigs”).


miiila, You almost asking for a site where customers ask multiple provides to bid on a job and then 1 gets the job. On bid type sites, they usually have 25-50 submitted bids. The cost of the time that it takes to bid will double or triple your costs and the price you have to charge.

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Actually no, I don’t want anything like bidding, BR is enough for that.
It just would be nice to be able to set up a simple gig for simple, small, fast things that customers who don’t feel the need to talk to me could directly order to save time for both of us/reduce the “overhead (time) costs” for “micro-orders”.
And the option for gigs that are “per custom offer only” for things that absolutely and always require contact because I need to see files or such to be able to give a price and time.

The current option kind of works (kind of, because, well, see lots of forum threads), but for me, it would be ideal to have those 2 options “custom order only” and “direct order only” for different gigs, and the current option could remain for gigs/sellers for whom it works best.

I realize that this may be difficult to implement technically, and I’m also okay if it stays as it is, but as this is Site Suggestions, I thought I’d add that I’d actually (also) like the opposite of OP’s suggestion.
I’m not sure why you’re talking about bidding, maybe I expressed myself badly, but I absolutely don’t want Fiverr to become a “bidding site”, I’m (partly) here because it isn’t one.

In general, the bidding system is too gut-wrenching for people like me. So I don’t like that.

I prefer to just have a shop where people can come in and go to. Purchase a service. And help them have a good experience. I guess that my preference is just discussing with people beforehand even if there is an overhead charge for the time I invest in having discourse with a person.

Of course, I do get worried about the rating system because i naturally have a lot of overhead of anxiety.

Dealing with clients with bizarre demands these days is making me want to reevaluate, so I really appreciate @landongrace 's advice regardless. Taking a few days off from Fiverr will do me and my partner some good.

I know this is a little unrelated to the topic at hand, but I’m thinking of transitioning my gigs to a higher value at this point since I really don’t want to work with the nasty people who seem to have a habit to crowd/take advantage of those who sell as service here, and profit off of it on another bidding site they won something to. (Really ;/) I could do that myself but I prefer the way fiverr operates in comparison to how souless some of the other sites feel.

@miiila yeah, I’d prefer it but I think a way around is to raise prices to an unreasonable amount, write something within the image icon/title to MAKE people come to us. That may be our best option to make sure we consult with buyers beforehand so there is no confusion etc.


i definitely don’t want to see Fiverr become a bidding site either. The buyer requests already are a bit bid-y, but those are just an extra perk for possible work outlets if you get lucky in that rat race.

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Messaging so easily feel like an attack. All love here.

I didn’t realize the power of the service productization until I had been selling here for a while. Google searching service productization really finds some interesting reads.

You could consider a consultation gig. Let’s just talk about what it would take to provide what you need. They could either pay the $5 to talk or they could message you to pre-talk about the project before they pay. Then jack the prices of the actual gigs high so they want start an order early. You always could send a final quote for any price. Just make sure the gigs all align with the tos. Just food for thought.


Yeah. Appreciate it and thank you so much @landongrace

That’s an interesting approach. Never thought about it that way. Definitely will chew on this and consider it in the long-run. Currently reevaluating what’s the best approach for my partner and I.

Oh, here too, I always read your posts when I see them.

Productized gigs - my point actually is that if I had those options, I actually would have a much better way to create perfectly productized gigs. I could split my gig up, into a gig without contact option for “simple cases” that don’t need contact beyond gig page and order page, and many people who now contact me, would simply order instead, while having another gig for people I have to talk to and send a custom offer.

I know I could have a consultation gig and so on, but that’s not what would be ideal for me, while an option to offer “direct order only” + “custom order only” gigs would be ideal for my szenarios, workflow, preferences for working and other things.

I think we’re talking past each other a bit here, probably partly due to being in different niches, which seems to often be the case in forum discussions with forth and back and both parties not quite seeing the point of the other, and partly because we probably have different preferences for some things I didn’t want to go into here.

I’m not looking for a solution like consultation gigs, and everything works quite well for me too as it is, I just wanted to post and suggest something related to what OP suggested here because those options would be ideal for me (and, hence, probably also for a lot of other people in my niche), and to confirm that OP isn’t the only one who’d like their suggested option.

This category, together with Bug Reports is rumoured to be actually monitored by Fiverr staff, so I don’t think it hurts to make suggestions, even if there are people who don’t see any use in them or have workarounds that work well for them. (Suggested) features don’t necessarily need to cater to everyone, but if a good amount of sellers would benefit from a feature, while it wouldn’t hurt others, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be implemented (personally, for example, I couldn’t care less about the Milestones feature, the only time I’d have wanted to use it was when I still didn’t have it available, and I’ve never needed or wanted to use it ever since, but I’m sure many people use it and it’s great that it’s there for the ones who want it).

I’m not super keen on this, it just would give me a whole new way to structure my offerings and I’m pretty sure it would help me, and if Fiverr would implement it, I’d be excited and would be working on some gigs all though the night :wink:
However, if Fiverr doesn’t see any merit in the suggestion, or it would be too cumbersome or expensive to code/realize it, that’s fine, it’s just a suggestion.

Thanks for the food for thought, anyway!

(It probably would be easier to understand “what I want to do” if I went into details but that would be both very niche-specific and personal, and make this post a kilometer long, not what I intended to do, just wanted to show some support for OP’s suggestion and add mine :slight_smile: )

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