Can we have more than 1 Fiverr account?


I read through the Fiverr TOS and didn’t see anything about this (unless I totally skimmed over it, which is possible).

Is it okay to have a second Fiverr account? I only ask this because my main focus is on writing, however, I have ideas for other gigs that have nothing to do with writing and it’d just seem weird for them to be included on this particular account.



Yestarday i talked with the fiverr customer are not allowd to have more then 1 account.But my question was if my brother can make an account on the same household and ip and they told me that he can aslong as he makes gigs in a diferent category then mine and of course he will have diferent name and paypal account.Hope this helped you.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you. That’s what I was guessing. Just wanted to double check though.

I’ll stick to writing gigs for now, since it’s what I know best.


Reply to @predyxx: Makes sense if you have a family member that also wants to work on Fiverr. I only have 1 paypal account & writing is pretty much it for me. Not complaining though! :slight_smile:


Reply to @predyxx: I get the different paypal account etc. But why do they demand different gigs? If you’re both writers, you shouldn’t be penalized for it. Hmm…that I disagree with.


Just remember that if you are in the U.S. and try to sneak in two accounts, the minute you make over $600 on an account, you have to submit a W-9, so they will catch you anyway when you can’t come up with a separate name and tax i.d.


Generally, you shouldn’t need more than one account. Most people generally only have one or two popular gigs. Once you get somewhat successful with at least one gig is when you should start to spread. Understandably in some gig types you may need to break your gig down into multiple separate gigs or at least add extras to one main gig when you get a chance.

As another has previously answered, in some circumstances you can have multiple accounts but only on the basis that someone else is using the other account with a different paypal and a different focus of gigs. Best bet as it seems to change quite often would be to contact CS if it’s super important to you.


Reply to @freelancemm: I think it would just be odd to have most of my gigs be writing-oriented, then throw in something like a stop motion movie gig into the mix. It doesn’t help that my username has “writing” in it too.

Your suggestion about getting successful with at least one gig before branching out is a good one. I’ll do that and see what happens.


I should add that I’ve already gotten a few gig orders (yay!). But one one of the buyers left a review. Things are slowly starting to move forward.