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Can we have more than 1 same gig?

I have seen many sellers who have more than one gig for same content. (content writing -for example) They just change the gig heading and start earning from multiple gigs. is this allowed? Can I do the same?


it’s not allowed to offer the same thing multiple times , if the gigs are different then it’s ok


No you are not allowed, its against the TOS. Those sellers when caught will get a warning. If you want to risk your account, feel free to make another same gig.


No. I do not want to take any risks with the account. But I was shocked to see such sellers.

Well, you can create new GIG for same service, but with unique content. No copy paste. For instance, one gig for articles on business niches, other gig on tech niches, and last one is about long articles up-to 1500 words, etc.

Choose different sub categories and at-least one GIG put sub category “Other”
Due to some GIGs on “Other” category you can find lot of More>Buyer requests.

No not at all. You cant make same service gigs two time. Read the TOS. Its clearly mentioned there. Dont tell wrong things

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No it is not. There is nothing in the ToS about creating similar, but different gigs in the same category.

Both gigs needs to be different and in different category not in the same category

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Thanks “Pvitalsolutions

Actually, i see number of sellers GIGs, who use this tip for same services. And lot of sellers from them have level two. That is why i was think its ok!

But Thanks for telling right way.

If you provide different services in the respective gigs then that’s fine if it’s the same gig all over again I wont suggest you to do that.

Lots of sellers get away with things. It doesn’t suggest it’s allowed. It just means either they haven’t been caught or Fiverr is lax in taking it down.

Read the ToS to see what is and isn’t allowed. Also, it would be really inconsiderate to other sellers and also buyers if they had to compete with repetitive things.


Yes. But, with different topic and different presentation of your service. You can always create multiple gigs for same service to check which type of content or service showcase helps you engage more clients. However, avoid creating duplicate gigs of yours or of any other seller on Fiverr.
Good Luck!

That depends on what you see as the same gig.

For example, it’s perfectly fine to have one gig for retro logos, another one for typography logos, the third one for a different style of logo… They would all be in the same category (Graphics & Design) and subcategory (Logo Design), and it would be perfectly fine.

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Care to quote the ToS on this?
There’s nothing about that. Sure it doesn’t make sense to create exactly the same gig and even if it is not in the terms, one would assume Fiverr wont be happy about it.
However it is absolutely fine to create several similar specific gigs in the same category, such as the ones in catwriter’s example.
Another example would be translation from different languages or voice over in different voices.


I am aware, its a risk and creating duplicate gigs are not allowed.

Creating duplicates of the same service is not allowed, however if the services are different they may be allowed to be in the same category. To sum up, if there are two gigs of different services but placed in same category its allowed, but two same services in same category is not allowed. Hope this clears it. I asked the CS the same thing few months back thats why i am aware of this. But still ask the CS for your assurity. Cheers

Fiverr doesn’t allow for gigs that are TOO similar.

It’s because people tried to game the system by flooding the marketplace with the same gig essentially, only changing a word in the title or something like that.

“I will create a unique logo”
“I will create a fabulous logo”
“I will create a super-duper logo”

that sort of thing.

You are of course free to create significant variations upon the same offering, to target different buyers.

So it’s different to offer a minimal abstract logo and a mascot logo. (to keep the examples relative)


Replies from CS are tricky. I would keep them in mind, but hold what is written in the ToS above them. Couple months back me and a buyer contacted the CS with the same question at the same time. I got a “yes”, they got a “no” :upside_down_face:

My reply above is based on numerous conversations with Fiverr staff.

Actual team leaders and product managers, not CS.

It’s one of those rules that exist but are not explicitly mentioned.

If you break this rule, the algorithm will punish you, no one will remove your gigs.

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