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Can we have two Accounts on one Ip adress [ARCHIVED]


Hello, i started working on fiverr a month ago, now brother also want to join fiverr, but i am afraid that fiverr block accounts when they see two accounts used with same ip, i need to know what i have to do in this procedure do i have to contact Customer support ? or i should not be worried and let my brother use his new account from same laptop. Thank you please Help ?


Someone posted about this, just read the forum thread two up from yours.


You should be worried! You cannot have two account from the same IP your account will get banned.


I have asked CS about this and they said that it is not a good idea. If they notice some unusual behavior, they will suspend your accounts.


You are allowed to have multiple people on the same IP because your Paypal address is tied to a human, not an email or address. They will know when they send money that one account is tied to one human.


Reply to @daniyalhussain: What @kjblynx said is absolutely correct.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yes Thanks, my bro will have his own Payonners accounts. and we will not buy from each other. i will contact fiverr then Thank you so much


Thank you everyone for your valuable time and information/help, Really appreciated Thank you a lot.