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Can we hire other fiverr seller?

Hi Fiverr sellers, I Have a question. Can we hire some other seller ? like for example if I am busy in exams and i don’t have time to complete my pending orders so can i hire some other seller and get the work done from him/her and after that i deliver it to my customer ?

I’ve seen sellers do this before and never get in trouble, so I think it’s allowed. As long as every sale is going through Fiverr, I’d say you can organize your orders any way you want.

Yes you can…Go to Requests>post a request and put the details of your request…sellers will contact you from buyers request page…

Thanks @roots282 but i heard fiverr will block my account if i did that they gonna thought that i exchanging reviews from buyers . Please if any one know tell me if i can do it because i have exams next week so i am thinking of getting my orders done from someone else .

You can hire whoever you want to get it done.

Yes you can hire.

Thank you @mariokluser

I do not see any problem here

I am not asking buyers rule,I am asking if fiverr allow it or not

It’s done in every business model on the planet.
I get asked by other sellers quite often, what I happily deny though.
But hiring people to do the work is normal. If you have a day job, just have a look what your boss is doing with you :wink:

There is no reason for Fiverr not to allow it. They always earn their share. If you have a neighbor who sings like an angel and don’t wants to create his own account here but wants to work for you, you could create a gig for Happy-Birthday-singing-shit.

Thank you @mariokluser lol you gave good examples :wink: