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Can we Join 'Fiverr Pro' with our Existing Fiverr Seller Account? (ANSWERED)

Almost all the “Fiverr Pro” Labeled gigs have No review or New Buyers. So Can we Join ‘Fiverr Pro’ with our Existing Fiverr Seller Account?

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If you look under the category “News” you will find out all about it under “Fiverr Pro”.

Pro Gigs are hand picked by Fiverr Stuff. Check this Thread

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Of course you can, many of us the existing sellers have received the application form to submit for the Pro badge. However, like @wp_kid said, Fiverr decides if you’re eligible for the badge after they review your application.

Just head over to the application form and fill it out here (if you see any server errors or weird things, it’s probably because all other millions of sellers are trying to apply :smiley: everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie, which probably breaks the servers, but keep trying until you see the application form :wink: )