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Can we know if a buyer had read the message or not?

I sent a message and my sample to a buyer. But the buyer hasn’t replied to me for a while. Communicated smooth in minutes before. On Fiverr, can we know if a buyer had read our message or not?


No, we cann´t and do not need to know if Buyer read the message.


Hi @blavaro
Thanks for letting me know.
Now I knew it.

usually they knock several sellers for quotes, then choose one for the job! :expressionless:

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As others have said, we don’t get to know if a message has been read.

But I will also add that it is important to not chase by sending yet another message, as this could get marked as spam and you’ll then likely receive an account warning.


Oh yes, that is how we do things everyday right?

yeah :expressionless:

Hi @english_voice
Thanks for your suggestion
Actually we had been talking before, and then suddenly the buyer turned silent.
That made me wonder if the message was sent or the buyer had read.

What kind of sample did you send?

Sadly, an all-too-common scam is for buyers to ask for a ‘sample’, which is essentially the product they were looking for, receive this sample, then disappear having got the work for free.


Oh, I think I’m dealing with this scenario you mentioned. the sample I sent might need a little edit, But It still looks good. I checked buyer profile, the reviews and rating are good, now I’m still waiting for a good result before taking an action.

There isn’t much of an action you can take, unfortunately.

If you find your work online, and you can prove with 100% certainty that this buyer has stolen it, you might be able to file a DMCA claim or similar. But technically, the buyer hasn’t (yet) done anything wrong. They asked you for free work, and you obliged by giving them free work.

You either need to protect your content before sending it to people, or be prepared to say “no” when buyers ask you for free, custom samples. Build a suitable portfolio of work, and point your buyers to that instead.


Well, that’s a great experience for me. Thank you very much for that. Sometimes being kind too much is not a good choice right? I really appreciate your support @cubittaudio. Thanks again

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There’s nothing wrong with kindness, the world could probably use more of it. But here on Fiverr, this is business. You’re exchanging your time and skills for money, plain and simple. What you see as kindness, can often be seen as weakness by people who want to exploit you. Not everyone, but some people, and you’ve always got to be mindful of that.

Like you say, learn from this experience - then next time this happens, you’ll be prepared and know how to respond.

Good luck!


It doesn’t matter for you to do know this. Policing your buyer’s activity on your messages isn’t going to help you make sales.

And custom work isn’t a sample by the way. A sample is a preexisting thing you can send to anyone. It’s not something you make for that client in hopes they hire you.

Stop doing custom work for free and then it won’t matter if the person gets back to you or not.

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So I’ve just made a big mistake. Haven’t received any respond from the buyer so far. Thanks so much for your advice. All good things come to you!