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Can we lead buyers to a different webpage?


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I have a quick question. I was reading through the blogs on the Academy and came across this post entilted:
5 Tips for Making a Memorable First Impression with a Buyer

One of the tips was to provide samples to your customers. I have bolded the section of what I have a question about.

My question is I notice it says to provide a portfolio of your samples on a website. Does this mean we can refer customers to another website as long as the links to purchase point back to

Can someone please explain how this works, thank you.

That first conversation is all about building trust. And even though a buyer may not have asked for samples, sharing them, along with some information about yourself, can go a long way in building trust and showing that you are who you say you are. In a digital marketplace, the buyer’s fear of getting taken for a ride can be real. Even for a $5 order, which can be a lot of money in some parts of the world, assuring the buyer you can do what you promised builds trust. This is especially true for level one sellers, but it can still be useful for sellers with hundreds of reviews, especially in categories like writing where samples are harder to show.

Establishing a portfolio is a topic for a different post, but it is easily done these days. Simply ensure you create a basic web page where you can put up samples in a professional looking manner. You can even choose to hire a seller on Fiverr to help you with this. Also, follow Fiverr’s terms of service to ensure that any form of communication, such as links, point back to Fiverr. Having an established online portfolio will allow you to show real work, gain respect, and build trust with your buyers.

If you’re not at a point where you want to go the digital route, that’s okay. Save some samples on your computer or cloud folder. Watermark them with the word “sample” and use those to show work in your initial messages. Any way you choose to show samples is fine. This gives the buyer a chance to see what you can do, and they may choose to hire you for something else based on your portfolio.

Thanks for your time.

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First of all you can provide a link to your online portfolio, only if it is listed as one of the permitted platforms.

Secondly, a personal web domain (not on the approved url list) CAN be utilized as a way to showcase your portfolio, if the domain does not link to any possible means of communicating with you directly.
This will be a very CASE-by-CASE situation.

Adam (@Twistedweb123) has his own personal domain as a way to funnel in outside clients to his services on fiverr. But his page has ZERO information regarding contacting him directly. And the web page displays only his FIVERR GIGS and a method to purchase them which forwards a user to fiverr domain once clicked.

I hope I was able to shed some light on your query.


Thanks @djgodknows Well explained and helps out a lot. Thanks again.