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Can we make a gig request same like byer in customer services to get more order?

I am level one seller and I am a good designer my all Reviews are positive but I don’t know that why I am not getting more orders.


Never give up…

There are many good and helpful topics out there that will help you to get success on fiver.

The answer to your question is “No.” Buyer requests are designed for buyers - there are already far too many sellers publishing requests there, which I am certain does not get them work, and just annoys all the other ethical buyers and sellers.


thanks my dear friend.

You can not post a request there. It’s against fiverr TOS and this may cause banning of your account. So try not to do it. Work hard and 2018 years on fverr is your’s :slight_smile:

I am doing too much heard work but not response just one byer is coming again and again.

yes my friend I also received a notes from fiverr that if I will use again then they will block me.

Brother… Try to not give up that soon. I was level 2 with 500 positive reviews and now it’s my 6 month with no regular orders. Polish your skills and promote your services outside of fiverr.

Okay dear hassankhurshed I will do that too and thanks a lot.

hi i m also doing hard work in it but i have no offers and no seller connect with me please tell me some tips

Kindly, Edit your Tags it may be effectable for you!