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Can we make multiple gig for same service?

If it’s exactly the same service, no.

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You design gigs based on what people want. They don’t want to sift through repetitive gigs by the same seller and they’ll think of ill of a seller for putting them through that. They’ll also think you’re sketchy. If they avoid one of your gigs, they’ll avoid the other. If you want more sales and more visibility, improve your offering and your marketing.

It’s against TOS, anyway.


not same service but same sub catagory, possible ? for example " annual report , company profile etc hasn’t different sub catagory , seller used to use BROCHURES as sub catagory for these service, so can i create a gig that title is " i will create brochure design " and the sub catagory is BROCHURES also an another gig " i will create annual report design " also that gig’s sub catagory is BROCHURES, The title/service isn’t same but the sub catagory is same, so is it Against of TOS??

No you cant is against the tos of fiveer and it can get your account banned, better you create anothe gig related to it but different service.

As long as the service isn’t the same (and I’d say that designing brochures and designing annual reports isn’t the same), it should be fine.

If you wish to be sure, contact Customer Support and ask them.


@vissly I had this same question earlier and contacted CS in 2018. This was their response:



Hope it will be helpful.


Thank you for this info

Hello there,
my question is that i have one account for graphic design and i already make a gig about logo design but i can type well and i want to make another gig for content writing so is it possible give different service from one account?

Yes, it’s possible.

Not to mention that, if you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll see that having more than one account will get all of your accounts banned.

I had to face same problem. please tell me how to resolve thisCapture

No, You can’t do that!

Just do it! Do it! hahaha, do it and see the result, is it published or not. Before your gigs were published it will be checked by Fiverr team anyway. But if you got any of warn message you gig will be denied (at this case) You must modify your gigs. and yes you can’t offer same service with multiple gigs by the way. One and other must be different Title, Description, and Image Gallery. If you still not sure just contact CS and ask them directly before publishing your gigs (bottom of the page’s - Support - Help & Support - Seller Help Center - Bottom of the page you will see “Contact Us”). And cheers, wish you luck. Sellers.

This quote from Alex doesn’t seem to be entirely true, as I had someone copy/paste my gig down to the FAQ and even after multiple CS contacts, all that happened was the copier rearranged a few words for Fiverr to say their gig was in the clear.

No need to open more gig for same service

Hey Vissly, Maybe you have come up a long way throughout these 2 months. I know it’s a late reply but will help if you didn’t understand the algorithm of Fiverr Gigs. The one service that you want to give to the clients should be well organized via your gigs. For the new user, it is limited to 3 pictures, but in those 3 pictures, you can add collages photos to cover your service very well and try to make a good short video less than 75 seconds which will rapidly show your portfolio to the clients that you want to grab. Though my knowledge is limited but one thing I want to mention is quality comes first before the quantity. I hope the answer will help you. :grinning:


So if I choose FLAT/MINIMALIST LOGO for one gig and choose FEMININE LOGO for another gig, is it against their TOS as well? can anyone confirm please? as both of these comes under LOGO DESIGNING but different genre.

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No, it’s not. They are different types of logos and targeting different businesses.


Hi there,
You can’t create multiple gigs offering the same service. As it is against the terms and conditions of
I am a content writer and I have created 7 gigs of different categories under Content Writing as main category.

Thanks, for the help.

Sorry but no, you can’t. it’s clearly mention in fiverr rules & regulation…