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Can we make two accounts on fiverr?


Hello Friends,

Can we make two different account on fiverr?
Is this possible? or we will get banned?

Thanks & Regards

#2 will banned…read fiverr TOS first


if you make more than 1 accounts then you will banned.


You don’t have to do that since you already have one. Fiverr is watching!


Fiverr allows only one active account.


Why? ?
One account is enough to do anything. joined Fiverr is establish identity, what we do is what we get. Do the best. and it was you, your account. Best Regards


Only one active account is allowed in fiverr. Duplicate account(offering same gig) from one user is highly prohibited on fiverr.


NO this is against fiver TOS if you create both accounts on one laptop you accounts will be banned.


No, it’s not allowed according to Fiverr’s TOS


You cant have more then account its against Fiverr TOS.


When I’ve found Fiverr I created two accounts one personal (buyer) and one as seller which I use now. As soon as I’ve read the TOS I’ve deleted the personal account. That’s the rules and you have to respect them even it could be a bit weird …


What is the purpose of creating two accounts?


I highly recommend that you read everything in the TOS, because as you’ve read here, obviously you will be banned if you do this, and it’s the the number one violation. So since you didnt know that, read the Tos so that you will know what else is not allowed. No use in spending the huge amount of effort in order to get to level one and two, and become a reputable seller with so many great reviews, if your account ends up being banned. Then, if Fiverr even lets you create a new account, you will be starting from scratch.


never try it because it’s against Fiverr TOS. and by the way, you can do all you want with multiple gigs creation


It;s not possible and don;t try to do that. you will banned