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Can we open two fiverr accounts on one internet router?

I just wanted to ask can me and my friend open and operate our fiverr accounts on a single internet router? Can it harm our accounts? Or is there any chance to be disabled?

Please ask CS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why not, as long as you use separate system ID.

It’s not simple like this.

Or a single seller could have multiple accounts just because he/she has another computer system, which is completely against ToS.

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Maybe you should create different users with your Internet browser.

No you can’t use single internet router. its against the policies. every one should have separate internet connection. my previous account was block because me and my brother was using same router.

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Yes, there is a chance that both accounts will be disabled, because it might look like one person with two accounts.

As @merciavideo told you, contact Customer Support, explain your situation to them, and ask them for help and advice.


Last I checked with Fiverr staff (not CS) you can do that, BUT the different accounts (no matter how many) must NOT publish gigs in the same categories.