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Can we pay to promote?

No matter how hard I try, Fiverr won’t show my gigs enough to get sales. So, enough with that struggle. Is there anywhere we can pay to promote? I considered Google AdWords, but I guess it’s against Fiverr policies to use Google AdWords. I attempted a Facebook campaign (even though I think advertising on Facebook is the worst possible path) and Facebook denied my ad campaign.

Can anyone tell me if I can pay to promote and where?


Are you lacking impressions, or do you need to up your game as far as gig images and descriptions go? I see there are over 80,000 WordPress gigs on Fiverr so you are in a competitive niche.

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ToS snippet “Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the Google Ads platform.” is the answer to Google Ads consideration.

@vickiespencer points out the risk if you consider paid ads.
WP category has 88 580 services available as of today. 22 611 services out of that with budget starting max $5.


There is an option for paid promotion via Fiverr, but it doesn’t look like you’d be eligible to use that feature. You can learn more about Fiverr’s paid promotion in this article.


Well, I’ve tried others and tried narrowing it down. I think I’d rather just get rid of the hassle and pay to promote (if it’s allowed).

I think requirements like that are stupid. Think about it. The only people that are eligible to promote, don’t need to promote because they’re already successful and already have customers.

I offered to build websites from scratch, build admin panels for websites, write simple and complex scripts, install plugins for WordPress, and more. None of them worked. So, I have a small amount of money I wanted to test out on promoting the gigs.

I think the issue lies more in the quality of your gig images and descriptions than in what you are offering.

For instance, your FAQ section is very confusing, due to what I assume is a typo.

Your gig image for " I will install and setup wordpress plugins" looks outdated, and would cause me to pass over your gig if I wanted someone who pays attention to detail.

Also, seeing the low-quality images next to your flyer creation gig would make me change my mind if I were considering the flyer creation. How are you making these flyers? Can you use the same program to put together some better images for your gigs?

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The install and setup wordpress plugins image I made myself. The one for setup and design wordpress blog, I paid someone on Fiverr to make. To make the images better quality, I have to pay for them, which I planned on doing if I ever made a flyer for someone. The program I used to make the gig images, because I didn’t pay for those ones, were too small for Fiverr. So, Fiverr forced me to blow them up, which distorted it. Either way though, Over time, I’ve had some really nice gigs, descriptions, images, optimized well, etc. I even got some message from Fiverr about featuring one of my gigs. I think it was an editor pick or something. It lasted one day. I got 1,100 impressions. Then they stopped.