Can we Please promote your gig or business?


Hi im Jay and my helper is Fun-Goo… Hes my seizure assist dog :o3

I was a 9/11 responder and I got sick over the years. I just started chemo again and its hard for me to work… So I came up with a new gig to help my fellow members…

Please buy this gig if your a seller on

By buying this gig… you will help me buy food for Fun-Goo as well as help by keeping his medical phone on incase Im home and need EMS… (Fun-Goo has a special phone with a “zip cord” that if he pulls it… EMS will respond to my home)

These are my only two expenses that I cant afford because I get little help from the gov… I get money to feed myself. but they do not give me money to feed him…

I know this gig can help you in the long run… my other gig doing logos has been a success so far… 17 sales with 17 positive reviews…

Please let us help you with our special member gig…

Bless you!!


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Anyone out there?

hope all is well with you!