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Can we put Fiverr on out CV

Okay, I havent written a CV before and Now i am starting.

I’ve heard many people saying that you shouldn’t put your online jobs on your CV because it may look unprofessional, but times can change for example i remember it’s unprofessional to have a facebook or a twitter but now we all have it and it’t something that is valued in the business world (but i mean obviously we shouldn’t put that on our CV).

I am applying for an Art shop so it is right to “say that i worked online selling art an” ? or is that a big no no that I have to drop out?

I put my activism and my volunteer activities on mine. I would put Fiverr if I were any longer in the world of needing to attract opportunities. So I’d say OF COURSE.

You can list it as part of your professional experience since you are generating income and are the sole owner of your “business.” It’s the same as if you owned a brick and mortar store, and you certainly have to manage revenue, advertise, complete work, deal with customers, use computers, etc.

NO. I would suggest you include a line in your resume about your freelance work, without mentioning Fiverr. In all honesty, it would make you seem like a much more serious and accomplished artist if you left it at “freelance work”. If you need help with your CV, holla :wink: I do this kind of stuff for a living.


Reply to @anarchofighter: any employer who actually values artistry will be appalled to see you participate in a spec site like this.

Reply to @traxie2001: this is not professional whatsoever.

Reply to @jess2323: it would be even better if you weren’t omitting it and were true to yourself. if you wouldn’t put it on your resume it’s because you know there is something very morally wrong with it.

Reply to @kkipilla: remind me again… why are you on this form… just so that you can bash on people?

I enjoy what I do here, okay. Basically I want to draw and people want a drawing so why not make money out of something I love and make others happy?

Art is a very hard way to make money, some artist just don’t make money at all because they over value their work and no one buys it, through fiverr I am practicing art and making money.

I respect art. and I am not sure why you say that if "i respect myself as an artist then i have to quit making art here"

I’m sorry, but an artist must never stop creating and I am making myself create through fiverr and it helps me with artist block.

who are you to tell me what job i should take and what job I shouldn’t take?

Reply to @kkipilla: Good thing those are most employers.

Reply to @kkipilla: #Thumbsdown #UNlike

I don’t even know if those are hashtags but, I figure they’re applicable here.

I would not put it on there. Just put down that you are a Freelance _________. Some people have negative ideas about Fiverr or the fact that you sell your work and value yourellf for only $5, which could work against you

Indeed. It could work against you, in terms that people think that you are not capable of selling stuff for the right price (even though you might in fact make tons of money).

If you want to impress a potential employer in a job interview tell him or her you have been working online for $5 a job.