Can we recommend or "team" with other sellers?


So ya, reading that headline sounds kind of sketchy so let me explain.

I write Children’s books, and one of the first things asked is “Do you do illustrations, or have any recommendations?”

Is there a way to recommend or find an illustrator? Haha. I know it sounds like a silly question, but I am asked it daily. I don’t want to get spammed by illustrators either! I just want to know if it is even allowed. :purple_heart::green_heart::heart:

I missed you all when I was on vacation. So happy to be back! :slight_smile:

Edit: Mind you, I can’t even draw a stick figure cartoon. So I can’t do the illustrations myself. :joy_cat:


Somewhere here in the forums I’ve read a “regular” stating that we cannot send links of other people’s gig in our messages… (?)
Instead of recommending someone else, wouldn’t it be better to outsource?
So you don’t loose the sale and help someone who’s starting?


Oh my god. I’m such a dumby, can we outsource here? I thought that wasn’t allowed!! Haha. I haven’t ever lost a sale, usually I politely tell them no, and tell them how to find an illustrator. They are usually pretty nice about it, haha. I just didn’t know if there was an “easier” way to go around it. I never considered outsourcing though…


I do outsourcing when I don’t have time to draw things myself and I hire someone else to do it.
It is not easy to find the right seller though, but you can do it.
I’ve been working at the beginning for people who had higher levels than me until my prices became not affordable for them to hire me… but I’ve got a good help with that.
I consider outsourcing as a way to help new people with real talent to grow up here.


I teamed up with a voice over artist when I was doing whiteboard animations. I don’t think there is anywhere in the rules that says you can’t send other sellers links in the inbox. If there is such a rule I want to see it. When I got an order for the animation and the buyer asked for voice over, I simply pasted the other seller’s link. Everything worked out fine.


I write eBooks, but I know nada about designing covers. I simply got me a great designer to whom I outsource such if my buyer requests for it, and act as a middle man between them. Another option is to have about 2 or 3 such designers and recommend to the buyer so s/he transacts with them directly. So, yes, we can team up with other sellers.

This is meant for the general forum only. Posting a link on the forum is tantamount to advertisement and reserved for the Gig Promotion areas. You can send links in private messages here on the forum or outside the forum (on the main site). To do that in the main Fiverr messaging system will need the permission of whomever you are sending it to.