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Can we refer our client to a friend?

i have went through all the terms and policies, i haven’t found a answer to my question or i may have skip it somewhere in the terms,

Can i refer my clients/people who wants to buy my services on fiverr to a fiverr friend , may be because i am booked already or i also want my friend to start receiving orders in fiverr?

if yes, then i may assume sending my friends’ fiverr profile link in my fiverr messages to the people who are asking for service is cent percent okay?



I don’t see any problem in referring another seller to one of your clients. It should be perfectly fine. :sunny:


you can refer your friends/other sellers to the buyers but i think the other way around wont be much useful because i think its against the fiverr privacy policy, and the buyers may not be contacted
One more thing if the buyer is your regular buyer please do not send him/her to anyone else (you will lose them permanently ) if the buyer has just contacted you to get your services , he has a wide range of sellers to choose from and most of the buyers contact at least 5-6 buyers and go with a buyer that suits their requirements , and one more thing if the reason is that you are overly booked why to give away a buyer just outsource it … hope it helps.

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You can but it’s not recommended to do that.